Heer claims pair of firsts in G-S Invitational meet

GUERNSEY--Viking junior sprinter Elana Heer turned in a pair of first place finishes to help her team to a sixth place team finish in the Guernsey-Sunrise Invitational Track Meet Saturday at Viking Stadium.The Lady Vikes scored 54 total team points.
Heer ran a 13.65 to win the 100 Meter Dash and clocked a 27.57 in the 200 Meter Dash to sweep the short distance races.
The Lady Vikes also got point from freshman Blake Rose as she picked up sixth place in the 100 Meter Dash with a time of 14.64 and sixth place in the 200 Meter Dash, finishing in 29.60.
Viking sophomore Kassidy Morales finished the 100 Meter Dash in 16.66 but did not place.
Heer and sophomore Whitney Martin both placed in the 400 Meter Dash. Heer took fourth place with a time of 1:06.26 and Martin finished fifth with a time of 1:07.13. First place in that event went to McKenzie Powell of Encampment who clocked a 1:03.53.
Martin and Heer added more team points by placing fifth and sixth respectively in the Long Jump; Martin marked 13-10.25 and Heer hit the pit at 13-09.00.
Sierra Ballou (10-10.00) and Morales (9-09.25) also competed but did not place in the Long Jump. First place went to Kenna Campbell of Gordon-Rushville with a distance of 15-08.00.
Ballou finished fifth in the Triple Jump, marking 27-01.00. Whitney Martin competed (27-11.25) but did not place. First went to McKenzie Powell from Encampment who marked 33-07.50.
Bailey Martin finished second in the Shot Put with a distance of 34-02.50. First went to Noelle Peterson of Encampment with a distance of 34-08.00.
Trinity Ayers (27-07.75), Macy Mote (26-00.00) and Kassidy Morales (21-07.75) also competed but did not place.
Riley Johnston of Wright took top honors in the Discus, hitting 96-10. Macy Mote (79-10), Whitney Martin (72-05), Bailey Martin (61-05) and Trinity Ayers (56-09) all competed but did not place.
Viking sophomore Austin Albrecht placed twice for the Viking boys. He took sixth in the 200 Meter Dash with a time of 24.20 and seventh in the 400 meter Dash in 57.23. l
Roman Smith of Wheatland won the 200 Meter Dash in 22.97 and Tucker Bopp of Glenrock finished first in the 400 Meter Dash with a time of 52.14.
Dylan Rose finished fifth in the 100 Meter Dash, running a 11.94. Roman Smith of Wheatland claimed first with a time of 11.56. Roy Mote (12.94) and Xavier Smith (14.34) competed but did not place in the 100 Meter Dash. Rose (24.49) competed in the 200 but did not place.
Junior Garret Oneyear placed seventh in the 100 Meter Hurdles in a time of 19.36.
The Viking boys picked up their remaining points with a seventh place finish in the 1600 Meter Sprint Medley Relay. The team of Sean Malcom, Albrecht, Rose and Oneyear clocked a 4:13. 72. First went to Hanna-Elk Mountain who finished in 3:50.18.
Brandon Miller competed in the 800 Meter Run, clocking a 2:39.37 and marked 6-8 in the Pole Vault but did not place in those events. Alex Ziegler of Saratoga won the 800 Meter Run in 2:07.86. Dalton Bogart of Midwest won the Pole Vault with a height of 11-02.00.
Oneyear, (16-01.25), Rose (16-00.25) and Smith (13-10.00) each competed in the Long Jump but did not place. First went to Damion Goff of Wright who marked 20-05.50. Junior Tate Stoneking (34-03.50), Oneyear (33-09.25) and Smith (27-04.25) competed in the Triple Jump but did not place. First went to Ty Mueller of Lingle-Fort Laramie with a mark of 40-06.75.
Mote (37-00.75) and Malcom (35-02.50) competed in the Shot Put but did not make the finals. First went to Tyler Hunt of Lingle-Fort Laramie with a mark of 46-03.25.
Malcom (89-07.50) and Mote (ND) competed but did not make the finals of the Discus. First went to Tyler Hunt of Lingle-Fort Laramie who marked 129-02.
The boys’ team finished in 12th place with 13 points.
Team results for the boys included: 1st-Glenrock, 125.50; 2nd-Lingle-Fort Laramie, 97; 3rd-Gordon-Rushville, 74; 4th-Wheatland, 69.5; 5th-Wright, 57; 6th-Midwest, 51; 7th-Hanna-Elk Mountain, 45; 8th-Lusk, 32.5; 9th-Encampment, 31; 10th-Kaycee, 27.5; 11th-Saratoga, 21; 12th-Guernsey-Sunrise, 13; 13th-Sioux County, NE, 10; 14th-Rock River, 8.
Team results for the girls included: 1st-Gordon-Rushville, 121; 2nd-Lusk, 85; 3rd-Glenrock, 72; 4th-Wheatland, 65.5; 5th-Encampment, 61; 6th-Guernsey-Sunrise, 54; 7th-Lingle-Fort Laramie, 52.5; 8th-Saratoga, 42; 9th-Wright, 30; 10th-Kaycee, 16; 11th-Hanna-Elk Mountain, 13; 12th-Sioux County, 10; 13th-Midwest, 1.

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